The Brotherhood of the Iron Will

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Prayer: That moment of meeting between creature and Creator. Kepha desires to train dads and sons in developing a daily prayer life and a deeper relationship with God.

Kepha’s charism requires that we pray specific morning prayers and either the Divine Mercy chaplet or Rosary daily. Frequent confession (at least monthly) is encouraged providing that wonderful opportunity to examine our faithfulness and recommit through the grace of the sacrament. Once a month Kepha dads and sons must make an hour of Eucharistic adoration, although not required, (a monthly holy hour at any time fulfills the requirement) many fulfill this hour by participating in our 2 AM “Yawns for Christ” where we join together for Adoration at 2 AM on the first Saturday of the month.

In so doing we are afforded the opportunity to grow in our personal relationship with God in union with our Kepha brothers. Modern day man busies himself with so much nothing. It’s essential that we make that time for God in each moment of our lives. Kepha provides special leadership in this regard, nurturing that special role a father made in God’s image fulfills for his family and especially for his sons.