The Brotherhood of the Iron Will

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Each member of Kepha is called to love his neighbor as Christ loves all of us. We do this by following the heroic example of charity of Mother Teresa, Pier Giorgio Frassati, and Don Bosco, our patrons.

Charity, love in action, requires the deep conviction that we are called, as Christ showed in the agony of the Cross, to give heroically, until it hurts, without counting the costs. Kepha raises money to help the poor, the handicapped, the elderly, and the unborn. Whenever money is raised to fund our retreats, one-half is first given to charity. However, our charity is grounded in the firm conviction that we must get our hands dirty. Thus, the Brotherhood makes itself available to work soup kitchens, visit the poor and elderly, play with the handicapped, and petition for the right to life. Every charitable action is guided by Evangelium Vitae, John Paul II’s great encyclical, which each member reads annually and agrees to live his life by.

Each retreat includes a charitable event, such as visiting a nursing home, and half of the money we raise for our retreats is given to charity. We recently donated $2500 to various pro-life charities, including $1800 given to crisis pregnancy centers. In addition, this year we solicited donations from all over the country for Hurricane Katrina relief and gave $15000 to victims of the hurricane.